Brave New World

A Pirate's Life for me.

Artivus slips away from the crowd, seeing that Roland seems to be sparking some introductions, he wanted none of that. He would quickly shuffle aboard the ship, covering his face with his cloak searching and skulking about. The masses of actual sailors seemed to partition off to themselves, an exclusive group of people with actual sea-legs… Not a place to for Artivus. He needed a role, a task he could do without going insane or risking personal injury.

Artivus being a rather lanky man would attempt to slip away and hide for the time being. Once he heard news of the captain he would attempt to persuade his way into whatever easy tasks he could find. In the meantime, he would slip away to a dark corner and await a real target of his persuasion to arrive. Why waste his time with the regular folk, certainly no ground could be made by befriending the weak.

He would take out his pipe and light some pipeweed, sitting off in whatever corner he could find and keeping an ear out for the captain.

Introduction 2

Before you have a chance to respond, the sailor in front of you turns around and elbows you lightly. “Oi, quiet you lot, Cap’n’s commin’.”

Through the standing ranks, you can see a tall man walking down the lines. His messy blonde hair and dark green jacket, devoid of any ornamentation aside from tarnished silver buttons, seem immediately at odds with the highly ornate regalia of other captains you’ve seen along the docks. It is only in the way that the career sailors straighten up at attentions as he passes that you can even tell he’s a man of rank. That, and the very high quality silver sword he carries.

After a brief inspection, he stops and looks out at all of you. As he begins to speak, you can see him looking out through the crowd, making eye contact with as many of the crew as possible. "I am Captain Kailey, and you have all been assigned to the Belaphonte. Most of you are here because you’ve taken the King’s Escudo to explore the ‘New World’. I’m sure you’ve all got reasons why, but those reasons end here. They’re now in the past. From this point forward what matters is getting this ship there in one piece and fulfilling our Emperor’s orders. Some of you have sailed with me for a long time, and know how I run my ship. The rest of you will find that while you’re serving on my ship you’ll pull your own weight or find yourself floating back home. Most of you aren’t sailors, so you’ll leave that to the professionals, but each and everyone one of you will find a duty aboard this ship. Do that, and you’ll do fine. That’s all."

As the captain turns and walks back towards the town, the bosun steps forward and in a voice used to shouting orders through stormy seas begins directing the crew aboard the ship. The surge of the crowd presses you forward, toward the waiting gangplanks, and the sailor that had quieted you earlier claps a hand on both of your shoulders and steers you forwards. “Name’s Roland, by a way.”

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Intro 2 (Casuis)

“Smells like…” The words escaped his mouth in a crackled high pitched squeak. Casuis then clears his throat “Smells like freedom.” How long had it been since he last spoke? It felt like it could have been years.
Casuis looked the man up and down. If he was working with the church, they must be running low on hired goons. He released his grip on the dagger and extended his hand.
“Name’s Casuis” (pronounced Kas-wee)“And what brings you down here?”

Introductions 2 (Zhanni)

Looking down, Zhanni realized this was not a statue at all.

Flying off just before a large scaly hand tried to smash him, he relocated himself to a bush, and then wildshaped back and then walked back to stand in line next to a man obscured within his clothing.

“So, how about that sea air?”

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Artivus Intro

Artivus was a cloaked man who smoked a long pipe. His eyes stayed hidden beneath his hood for the most party he would carry a satchel of books and eye up the others on the boat. With each puff of the pipe small tufts of snow would flake out and fall to the ship’s floor, melting before the touched the wood. A journey, to new worlds, lands and adventurers, what the worst that could happen? He was already cursed, the worst that could happen is he dies, and even then he’s been an icecube for so long it may or may not become welcomed.
He wore a long dark blue cloak the covered more or less his entire body, his skin would be blue with some eerie white markings on it. The words of the curse he was always told as a boy. Something for the Gods to keep him oppressed and test his faith. But allow me to digress, Artivus doesn’t set out to be a fool, his only goal is knowledge, so that someday he may test the Gods as they so blatantly torment him in this life time. He would exhale long into the pipe again, looking at the other interesting folks amongst the ship, “Hmmm, what interesting folk…” He whispered to himself.

Intro (Casuis)

With one hand gripped tightly around the handle of a hidden blade, Casuis inched his way through the crowd, arms crossed in front of him. He was not used to being out in the open. The sun beating down on him, stinging the small amount of his exposed on the back of his neck. He wore his collar high and his bandana low, almost covering the black orbs that remained of his eyes. The smell of the salt water was not one that he found appealing, but anything was better than the stink of that awful church.
It had almost been 3 months since his last contract, and his money was running low. Not only that, but everywhere he went, he was sure that the agents of the church were after him. Since he resigned his position with them, he never felt unwatched. He knew they were just waiting for him to slip up. But when your profession is murder, it is best never to let your guard down.
Casuis let his eyes scan the ship he would be spending the next little while on. Looking for any nooks he could hide in, trying to construct the inside from what he could make out from the crowd. But it was no use. This ship was larger than any he’d ever seen before, larger than any ship he’d hope to see. All he could do is eagerly wait, and hope for a position with minimal interaction with the rest of the crew. Hmmmmm he thought. Maybe it would be best to get to know some of the crew. It is likely to be a long journey and I imagine a game of cards or something might make it go by a bit faster.

Introductions 1 (Zhanni)

Zhanni padded out of the alley and headed to the fountain in the center of town to wash himself. Nobody would notice a dog swimming through…besides, he might even get a few treats. Zhanni was slowly becoming more and more distressed about his wildshaping. Ever since his visit to Veszprem, none of his wildshapes had been forming properly. He had specifically wanted to turn into a smaller brown dog that would attract all the young ladies to coo over him and give him skritchies, but he still ended up turning into this scraggly, black-furred wolfish…thing with grey eyes.

After a quick dip and a shake, the dog was able to find a secluded location to wildshape back into his human form and then again into a sparrow to make the trip easier. As he flew over a small pond he looked down and realized that he wasn’t a sparrow at all.

A crow? That’s it. I’ve had enough of this.

Zhanni angrily landed and wildshaped out.

Alright. Let’s go for the exact opposite of a crow…let’s try a Cardinal. I’m not letting whatever this is beat me.

Feeling like a young pup first learning to control his powers, the druid focused as hard as he could and changed slowly and deliberately.

Zhanni opened his eyes and looked into his reflection in the water. He was a cardinal alright…but with jet black feathers and grey eyes.

Mustering the best look of incredulity and outrage he could under the circumstances, the druid flew off.

The Belaphonte was within sight, all Zhanni needed now was a place to land.

Aha! A statue of a humanoid dragon. Perfect! Right by the lineup.

The druid landed on the statue…and yet, something felt amiss.

This statue feels warm and fleshy.

Introductions 1

For whatever reasons, you have each answered the Emperor’s call for sailors and adventurers. Following one of the dozens of traveling recruiters back to the Castilian city of Kingsport, you were given a small room at a cheap inn and along with hundreds of others told to wait for your assignment.

At last you were called out and lined up along the pier beside a large ship with Belaphonte written along its side. The crews of a dozen more ships line the docks along the port, each waiting to set out. As you are pushed into line by a large man with the grim look of a professional bosun, the three of you end up standing next to each other. The last of the recruits are pushed into line, and the chaos of a mobilizing fleet subsides for a moment.

(You can introduce yourselves now if you want)

Game Rules

Post in this section. You’ll need to give your post a unique title, such as Character Name/Date. The title can then be linked to in the wiki or other posts.
Expect to make a post a day.
The Map will be updated as you explore more and more.

Exploration and Travel
To fully explore a hex takes 1 full day. This reveals all non-hidden features of the hex, and a Perception roll will be made for each player to detect any hidden features.
You may travel through 3 hexes per day. Traveling reveals all non-hidden features and any hidden features that would be revealed through the Passive Perception of any party member.

Character Creation Rules

26-point buy stats
1st level
200 gold (100 standard + 100 signing bonus)
All alignments are allowed. However, being evil is not an excuse for acting in a manner harmful to the party.
All characters must be made online and character sheets kept updated.

Special Rules
You must choose a Region for your character to come from. Your region determines which races are available, and also lets you choose one trait associated with the region.

You also must choose your character’s faith. This determines which classes are available.

Your region of origin and faith will have a large impact on how others perceive and act towards you.


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